ACH Payments via in Online Bill Pay

NOTE: This article pertains to the updated Member Portal launched in 2019. 


With the 23.16 release of MC Trade, your members have the ability to pay for existing invoices in the web portal section of your website with a personal or corporate bank account, in addition to using credit cards. 

*Note that the ability to pay for existing invoices with a bank account will only work if using Authorize.Net as your processing gateway.

To use ACH features to automatically debit your members' checking accounts, you must add the eChecks feature to your gateway account. Log in to your Authorize.Net account to set up the eChecks option. Note: The eChecks application is lengthy and may take a week or more for to approve once submitted. You must check the 'PPD' and 'CCD' options when completing Section 2 of Authorize.Net's eChecks application, and your account MUST be set to allow "WEB" transaction types, so be sure to indicate this when applying. These options will allow you to accept personal checking and savings accounts from your members, plus corporate checking accounts, for web-initiated transactions. If you already use ARB through MC Trade, you may still need to add the WEB transaction type to your account.  Click here to view the user guide on's eCheck feature.


Once you have your eChecks features added to your account, complete the following steps to set up ACH in MC Trade:

  1. Go to Admin > Global Settings, and click Integrations, then Credit Card Gateway.
  2. Click the Actions option and choose Edit on the gateway you want to enable.
  3. Select " eCheck Enabled" and click Save.

Note: If you check this box and you do not have an eCheck account created with, you will experience error messages when trying to use ACH payments/ARBs in MC Trade.

Now set up a Payment Type to use for the online bill pay ACH payments and recurring billings:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes, then click Revenue Codes > Payment Types.
  2. You can either select one of your existing Check payment types, or create a new payment type to be used for ACH payments online (recommended).
  3. Check the "ACH Type" checkbox, and select the appropriate gateway from the dropdown.
  4. Click Save.

What your members will see:

Once you set up the eCheck option with Authorize.Net and configure the settings above, your members will see an additional payment option of "Pay by Check" when paying their invoices online.  If they select "Pay by Check" they will see new fields to enter their Account Type, Routing Number, Account Number, name and contact info for the account, and some additional information about their account. Most of this is required by to complete the payment - some of that is configurable by you in, but fields cannot be hidden on this screen.

In addition, the member will have the option to save the bank information for future use IF they are logged in and you have a single gateway with Card on File enabled (click here to learn more).


Once the member clicks "Submit Payment" the transaction will process with an accept/decline message similar to when paying with a credit card.


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