Credit Card Payment Processing


How do I process a credit card through MC Trade?


To be able to process Credit Cards, you must be integrated with a Credit Card Gateway (click here for a list of credit card gateway integrations). The technical setup for completing this integration is reviewed in the System Administration section of the Help Center.

When credit card payments are submitted through your website (new member applications, event sign ups, online bill pay, etc.), they are charged automatically. The invoice/payment records are either automatically generated, or generated when a web input form (legacy) is accepted/processed. However, if you want to manually process a credit card through MC Trade, follow these steps:

1. Open the Create a New Payment screen for the invoice to which you want to apply the credit card payment (from the Revenue menu or the Transactions tab of a profile).

2. Set the Payment Type dropdown to 'Credit Card' or the appropriate Payment Type that is related to you Gateway (your administrator can tell you this if you aren't sure which one to use).

3. Enter the Payment amount, and enter/edit all other payment fields as necessary.

4. Click Save.

5. If the card does not process successfully, the Result Message from your Gateway will tell you what the problem is (address mismatch, expired card, invalid card number, etc.). You can change the information and try again, or simply hit Cancel.

6. If the transaction is successful, you will get a confirmation message, and the system will continue and save the payment that you entered.

Note that you can see all attempts made to charge a credit card, both successful and unsuccessful, online or manual, by going to Revenue > Credit Card Activity.



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