Apply an Unapplied Payment Balance to an Invoice

If a profile has a balance in their Unapplied Payments history, you can choose to apply this amount to any open invoice on that profile. This will result in a negative transaction on the Unapplied Payment tracking, and create a new payment on the invoice that you select. 

To apply an Unapplied Payment balance:

  1. Search for and open the Profile to which you need to apply the payment.
  2. Click the View Transactions link in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click "$XX in Unapplied Payments" in the transaction grid. (If this tab just reads "Unapplied Payments" with no dollar amount, there is no unapplied balance to apply).


  4. Click "Apply to Invoice."
  5. The new payment form will appear, with all of the profile's open invoices displayed at the bottom. Enter the amount you want to apply - the maximum amount available (the current balance of Unapplied Payments for the profile) will be displayed, and you need to enter an amount equal to or less than that amount). NOTE: be sure to select a Payment Type that will reflect the fact that you are not receiving actual cash, such as "Previously Unapplied Payment."
  6. Save the payment. In the Unapplied Payments screen, you'll see the amount deducted from the balance for that profile with the invoice number to which the amount was applied. On the Invoice to which you applied it, you'll see the payment. 
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