Using a 3rd Party Credit Card Swiper with MC Trade

If you have a gateway account integrated with your MC Trade database, you can use any 3rd party swiper (ex. Payroc, CardPointe, etc.) to accept payments on the go with a swiper attachment to your mobile device.

The charges that are run through the 3rd party swiper do not automatically integrate into MC Trade at this time. The instructions below are the recommended best practice for taking advantage of a swiper feature, and getting the transactions recorded in your MC Trade database.

Set up a Swiper Payment Type

While this step is not required, we highly recommend creating a Payment Type used exclusively for recording payments that were taken through a 3rd party swiper. This will make reporting and reconciling easy and straightforward, saving you time and manual effort as well as creating transparency in your member's transaction history.

To create a swiper payment type:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes, then click Revenue Codes > Payment Types.
  2. Click Add a Payment Type. Enter a Name and Description for the code (e.g. Swiper Payment or Manual Credit Card).
  3. Enter the appropriate Accounting Package, Debit Account and Credit Account based on your accounting setup (click here for more information).
  4. DO NOT check the "Credit Card Type" checkbox or set a gateway for this Payment Type. The swiper payments are accepted outside of MC Trade, and therefore you do not want to be prompted to manually enter credit card information when using this payment type.
  5. Click Save.

You can now use this Payment Type for any manually-entered payment in MC Trade, regardless of the method you use to apply the payment. Click here for more information on applying payments in MC Trade.

If you use the swiper to take payments at one of your events, you can enter these payments in one simple step after your event is over using the steps below.

Recording Swiper Payments for an Event

Using your 3rd party swiper app, you can enter payments in the 3rd party app in conjunction with checking people in and registering walk-ups in MC Trade, and then the payments you take through the swiper can be added to registrations after the event.

In your 3rd party app, after an event, you should be able to pull a report of all payments charged at the event.

In MC Trade, open the event to which you would like to apply payments, and click the Registrations tab.

  • In the actions dropdown, choose Apply Payment to Selected Registrations. A window opens with each registrations listed. 
  • Set the Payment Type to your "swiper payment" type that you created with the instructions above. Change the date if necessary.
  • Select the registrations for which you accepted swiper payments at the event.
  • Click Execute. Payments will be applied in full to all selected registrations.

Apply Payments to Non-Event Invoices

If you have other batches of invoices for which you have used the swiper to collect payment, you can also record multiple payments in one step in the Invoice Selector

  • Go to Revenue > Select Invoices.
  • Use one of the 4 available tabs to search for the invoices you want to pay, and select the invoices for which you've collected payments.
  • In the Actions menu, select Generate Payments for Selected Invoices.
  • Select the correct Swiper payment type, and change the date/source if necessary.
  • Click Generate Payments.
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