Member Credit Cards - Save a Card on File

When your  members log in (or use a link you've emailed) to pay their invoices online, they have the option to save their credit card information on file with your association. The saved card will then be available as a payment option whenever that member logs in to your site to pay open invoices quickly and without hassle.

NOTE: this feature only works with the or CardPointe payment gateways, and cannot be used if you have multiple credit card gateways configured in MC Trade.

IF you use, make sure your account has the Customer Information Manager (CIM) service enabled. Log in to, then click Customer Information Manager in the main left side menu. Click Sign up for CIM Now, and agree to all terms of service. Contact with any questions or issues enabling this free service.

Once you've enabled CIM on  (you can skip that step if you use CardPointe), you can enable Card on File in MC Trade:

  1. Go to Admin > Global Settings.
  2. Click Integrations along the left.
  3. Click the Credit Card Gateway menu item.
  4. Check the "Enable Card on File" checkbox and click Save.

Your members are now able to save their credit cards on file for future use!


To save a credit card on file, your member must pay an open invoice in your online bill pay portal. A card cannot be saved without an actual transaction - however, after that first transaction the saved card can be used at any time in the future. While paying their open invoice, your member will see a checkbox at the bottom of the payment screen to save their card for future use.


After the card has been saved, any future open invoice for that profile can be paid for with the saved card. The user will see a dropdown list of existing saved cards from which to choose.


Finally, once a member has saved a card in their online bill pay portal, any staff member who has access to apply payments in MC Trade will be able to use that saved card to pay open invoices for the profile from within the Events Module. When either entering an event registration, or editing an existing event registration, the resulting credit card processing screen will display the option to either enter a new card, or use one of the cards on file. If a card on file is selected, all information is passed through automatically from the gateway to pay the invoice.



Please note that NO Credit Card information is stored in MC Trade other than the last four digits on the account. All Credit Card information is securely stored in your gateway and cannot be viewed in the MC Trade software.

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