Create an Unapplied Payment

Unapplied Payments are used to record received payments that do not have a corresponding invoice. They may be a check for too much, or a cancelled invoice/registration for which you don't want to issue a refund but instead credit the member's account. 

To create an Unapplied Payment:

  1. Search for and open the Profile to which you need to apply the payment.
  2. Click the View Transactions link in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click the "Unapplied Payments" tab in the transaction grid. 
  4. Click Create a New Unapplied Payment.
  5. Enter all payment details. Note that no invoice displays at the bottom of the payment form, since this payment will not be applied to any specific invoice, but will instead be recorded only on the profile as available to apply next time this profile has an invoice created.

Click here for details on how to apply this balance to an open invoice once one is created/available for the profile.

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