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As part of our effort to improve processes, we launched a new customer feedback system. You can access the new Feedback Dashboard conveniently from MC Trade.

Our goal is to capture feedback on how our product can better serve you.

There is now, among several exciting features outlined below, the ability for you to see and prioritize your suggestions, and receive a notification when any of your items are completed or not considered.

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  • New dashboard within MC Trade to submit or review suggestions
  • Ability to view which feedback items have been recently released
  • Ability to view and prioritize your suggestions
  • More transparency by showing the status of each suggestion
  • E-mail notifications if something is completed or not going to be implemented
  • Ability to view and vote on suggestions made by other users

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Using the Dashboard

In the browser version of MC Trade:

  1. Go into the Resource Center in MC Trade (question mark in the bottom right corner).
  2. Click Share Your Feedback.
  3. Please enter as much detail as possible about the "why" behind your request! We get a high volume of feedback, and understanding the organizational value of your suggestions helps us prioritize better.

The embedded feedback dashboard will display in the window with the option to Make a Suggestion at the top. Underneath that is recently released info, your requests, and other users' requests.

To view the panel in a new window, click the open icon in the top right corner.

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The new feedback dashboard, found within the MC Trade application, includes options to:

  • Make a Suggestion
  • View recent release info (Recently Released)
  • View your suggestions (My Priorities)
  • View other suggestions (Suggested by Others)

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Priority and Status

In the "My Priorities" panel, there is a Priority column with a slider. You can increase the importance of a suggestion by dragging the slider to the right.

Also in the "My Priorities" panel, there is a status:

  • Backlog: A suggestion with this status means it is still being reviewed or considered, and has not moved into any of the other more definitive statuses yet.
  • Not Planned: A suggestion with this status means it isn't planned for the foreseeable future. This can be due to technical limitations, incompatible workflows, and/or other priorities.
  • Planned: A suggestion with this status means it is on our roadmap and we are planning how and when to best implement it.
  • Building: A suggestion with this status means we are currently working on it. When you see this, please keep an eye on our release notes in the Help Center.
  • Released: A suggestion with this status means it has been released or it is a feature/workflow that we already accommodate. Please visit our Help Center to learn more.

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Viewing Other Users' Suggestions and Voting

In the "Suggested by Others" panel, there is a list of suggestions that have come from other users.

Clicking the thumbs up (upvoting) means "I want this" while clicking the zzz means, "I'm not interested and hide this suggestion from my list."

If you marked something as "not interested," but later realize that you are interested, click See your previous choices in the top right corner of the "My Priorities" panel.

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