Job Board: Setup Instructions


While you can delete a resume file in your Job Board account, you cannot delete a Resume Profile.

What is it?

Job Board is an optional add-on for your MC Trade product that's structured as a revenue share with no cost to your organization if you charge for jobs (even if you just charge non-members), or a yearly fee if you choose not to charge non-members and members. For more details, check out this article, Job Board: Everything You Need to Know.

Interested in adding Job Board to your toolbox? Click here and fill out the form on the right!  If you're currently in the onboarding process, please reach out directly to your Onboarding Specialist.

Linking To the Job Board

Once your job board is ready, we will provide you with the URL, which you can then link to anywhere on your website! We recommend adding the page to your website navigation menu, as well as creating a button or section on your home page to highlight the Job Board.

Viewing the Job Board

Your job board will display job postings in chronological order from oldest to newest.


If you choose to use the Featured option (an upgrade posters can opt to purchase), featured jobs will be promoted at the top of the board, highlighted, and published to the Google Jobs Network.

The member/non-member pricing that you configure in Settings will display on the righthand side of the screen.

How to log in to the Job Board as an Admin

To get started, click the Log In button and enter your MC Trade login credentials.

Once logged in, Admins will see the same menu items job posters do on the left as well as the Manage button on the right. 


To configure your job board, navigate to Manage > Settings in the top right.


Once in the Settings area, you will see seven options;

  1. Pricing
  2. Industry Types
  3. Site Configuration
  4. Social Media
  5. Branding
  6. Backfill Configuration
  7. Newsletter Generator


Posting Duration

Employers are able to select a posting duration of 30, 60, or 90 days. NOTE: The job will be dropped from the board automatically after that 30, 60, or 90 days has passed.

In the Pricing area, you can set the price for each of those durations, as well as the price for Featured Listings.

  • Featured jobs will be promoted at the top of the board, highlighted, and published to the Google Jobs Network. These jobs are sorted with the most recently posted jobs appearing at the top.
  • Non-featured jobs will appear in chronological order from oldest to newest below the featured jobs. 


 Member vs. Non-member Pricing

On the Pricing page, you have the ability to set different prices for members vs. non-members. Many clients choose to use the board as a member benefit, and only enter a price for non-members and for the Featured Post. You have full control over the pricing, and can change it whenever needed! 

Enter your preferred Non-Member and Member Pricing, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save.  


Discount Codes

Once your Pricing has been set and you have identified which Members will receive member pricing,  Discount Codes can be configured.  You can configure the code to apply to the Base Price, Bundled Price, Featured Price, or a combination of the three as a percentage of the total. Employers will enter the Discount Code on the payment screen when purchasing their postings.


To set up a Discount Code, click Add A Discount Code.


Fill in the details for your discount code and SaveNote: Make sure the Status is set to Published if you want this discount code to be usable right away.


Industry Types

To customize the Industry options Employers can choose from click Industry Types.


You can remove any Industry Type that doesn't have a posting associated with it by clicking the x next to the name.  You can add any additional Industry Type by clicking Add a New Industry Type.

Site Configuration

In the Site Configuration area, you'll configure some basic settings for your job board. 


  • Site Header: appears in the browser tab for your job board
  • Site Description: a description for your job board
  • Back to Site URL: plug in the URL posters should be directed back to if they click on the Back to Site tab in the job board footer
  • Only allow members to post jobs? With this box checked, only members will be allowed to post jobs and the non-member pricing menu will disappear
  • Create Account URL: On the login page for the job board, the text "Not a member? Create an account." will link members to this URL (we recommend inserting the link to your membership page or join form)
  • Privacy Policy URL: a link to your privacy policy
  • Send Email Notification on Job Post: with this box checked, the email filled in under Notification Email will receive an email notification each time a job is posted
  • Timezone: the timezone for your job board


It's imperative your Job Board matches your organizations brand and theme. On the Branding page, you'll be able to add your Organization logo, customize the banner on your board, and select from pre-set or custom color themes.


  • Upload Organization Logo: click Upload Organization Logo to upload your organization's logo to the job board as a JPG, GIF, or PNG. Use the Crop Logo tool to size the logo appropriately. 
  • Home Page Banner Message: Enable, and enter a Title and Subtitle for visitors to see. We recommend as few words as possible. You want to ensure visitors understand who your Organization is and why they should view or post jobs without taking up too much screen space.
  • Color Themes: 
    • Use dark colored header and footer: With this box checked, the header background for the job board (behind the logo) will appear dark instead of white.
    • Select one of the five default themes, or click "Override with Custom Theme" to choose your own custom colors

Click save, and notice the changes real time.

Backfill Configuration

The ZipRecruiter backfill is a free option that pulls jobs into your board from ZipRecruiter's network to make it more appealing to employers. It can even be customized to show relevant jobs in your area and/or industry. All you need to do is sign up with ZipRecruiter (there’s no cost!; instructions below) and they’ll provide a publisher/API key to plug into your job board. 

If you're using the ZipRecruiter backfill option, you'll configure your ZipRecruiter backfill settings under Manage > Settings > Backfill Configuration.


Fill in these details:

  • Zip Recruiter API Key: To be provided by ZipRecruiter. See below for instructions on requesting a API key.
  • Location: Filter Backfill jobs by a specific location.
  • Radius in Miles: How far from the location should the search radius extend?
  • Search Terms: Enter terms to use by default. If you have a niche board, this will help ensure your users see relevant jobs in the Backfill on your homepage.
    • The ZipRecruiter API backfill supports AND and NOT operators. You will not be able to search for two separate keywords using the OR operator.

    • “Sales” “Medical”, two separate words in quotes: This is taken as an AND relationship, and returns the most relevant jobs with both Sales AND Medical.

    • "Sales Medical", entire phrase in quotations: The search looks for an exact match to the phrase "Sales Medical".

    • Sales Medical, no quotations: This is taken as a soft AND relationship. Soft AND means that results with all words in the query are preferred, but depending on the query, missing words are sometimes allowed (in particular, queries with 4+ words). Be careful not to enter too many terms, as this will reduce match quality.

    • “Sales” -Medical, use of minus sign: This is taken as a NOT relationship and return jobs that include Sales but NOT Medical. Please note that if you pass "Sales -Medical" with everything in quotations, it looks for an exact match to the phrase "Sales -medical".

How to request a ZipRecruiter API Key 

To request a API key, you must first be signed up for Job Board. After signing up, please contact ZipRecruiter to get your API key.

Newsletter Generator

The final section of the Administrative settings is for the Newsletter Generator.  This is a tool to help you advertise and market the jobs on your board. Note: it is absolutely imperative that you advertise the posts on your board to ensure Job Seekers are aware of the new positions and Employers are receiving the value for the posts they paid for.


Our newsletter generator allows you to choose which jobs to feature, then generates HTML content that is ready for you to paste directly into your email communication tool to send to prospective Job Seekers and/or all profiles in your Database. 

Click Customize Newsletter, select which jobs you would like to feature, then click Save and Add to Newsletter.


Click Copy My Newsletter Code when you are ready to transfer the HTML to your email communication tool (ie Contact Center), and navigate to your email tool to send the message and advertise the posts. 

Ready to post a job? Click here to learn how.

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