Job Board: How to Manage Posts and Review Applications

Once a job has been posted to your board, there's a good chance you or an employer may need to Edit, Unpublish, or Renew a post. Furthermore, Employers leveraging our Quick Apply application method will need an area to review applications.

Managing Posts as an Admin

The Manage Posts area under Manage is where Admins can view and manage posts on Job Board. As an Admin, you can Edit or Unpublish a post anytime. You can also Renew a post on behalf of an employer.


Click Edit to to modify/edit the various fields within the post.


If you need to refund a paid post for any reason, you can do so on the Transaction Report up to 60 days after the date posted.

Managing Posts as an Employer

Employers can also log in to Edit, Unpublish, and Renew jobs they’ve posted using the same Manage Posts menu item. This is also where they can review applications for their various postings using Quick Apply.


Employers can click edit to modify/update the existing fields within the post. We’ve designed this feature so that employers can only edit certain fields to prevent them from editing an existing post to add a new job’s info rather than paying for a new posting.


When Employers are ready to review applications, they can click "Review Applicants" then click on the name of each applicant to view the resume.


Once they have decided if they would like to Accept or Reject the applicant, they can click into "Application Status" and select Accepted or Rejected. They will be prompted to notify the candidate via email where they can customize the message that will be delivered.






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