Job Board: Release Notes


What's New

  • Admins can now export the Transaction Report (Manage > Track Revenue), as well as search for any date range. The export contains all of the details currently available in the interface of the report, as well as a column for Revenue Share to allow for forecasting and reporting on your quarterly non-dues revenue from the Job Board posting transactions. 
  • Added the "USD" indicator to all pricing for job board users outside the US.


What's New

  • We've added an extra credit card receipt to all paid posts/upgrades/transactions - if the poster enters a credit card payment, we'll send a receipt with all of the details showing the transaction for their records. No more need to request a separate credit card receipt manually!
  • Fixed an issue in which non-members were allowed to post even if posting was restricted to member profiles, so that the non-member-restriction is now fully enforced.


What's New

  • Users of MC Trade can now link their Job Board user instance to MC Trade, in order to get member pricing. After logging in directly to the Job Board, go to Manage > Settings. On the My Profile tab, if your profile is already linked to MC Trade, you'll see "This profile is connected and managed by Your Association Name." If the profile is not linked, you'll see a prompt to "Connect with Association Name", and a button to Connect. After clicking that button, enter the username/password that you use to access MC Trade and your Job Board profile will automatically be linked to your MC Trade profile. 
  • The Payment page now shows an indicator for Canadian customers that all prices are in US Dollars.


What's New

  • You can now automatically share new jobs to your organization's Facebook or LinkedIn using the new social media integration! To set up these integrations, visit Manage > Settings > Social Media. View the full details here.


What's New

  • Employers can now select "Remote" when inputting their company information. This action will make the address field not required, but they can still fill in an address if they choose. Job Seekers will see any address added along with "Remote" on the job listing page.
  • We've fixed issues with our logo/image cropper that prevented changes from being saved.
  • Our address selector now keys off of city and state as opposed to street number. This should reduce any friction caused by using an unlisted address.


What's New

  • The new Quick Apply feature removes friction for Job Seekers while making it easy for Employers to manage their applications. NOTE: Admins don’t need to do anything to enable this feature.
    • For job seekers, once their Job Board profile has been updated with their details and resume, they can easily flow from one open position to another. They can also opt to post their resume to the Resume Bank as part of the Quick Apply process.
    • For employers, when Quick Apply is activated for a posting, they'll be auto-notified of each application and gain access to a running list of all applicants and their status. Changing the status will notify applicants of their approval or rejection (including customizable messaging).
  • Also with this release:
    • FIX: Accounts with duplicate emails were preventing them from logging in and that has been resolved
    • Name and Email will auto-populate from the MC Trade profile when completing job posts or using Quick Apply
    • Anyone can submit a resume, whether they have an active MC Trade profile or not
    • Improved Mobile Responsiveness


What's New

  • Job Seekers can now search on job Title, Description, and Company. Additionally, they can filter positions based on preferred location, custom industries, and employment types.


What's New

  • Job Posting Distribution is now available, allowing employers to purchase an add-on to have their job posting distributed to all of the profiles in your MemberClicks database via email, ensuring that their opportunity gets in front of great candidates (even those who may not be actively seeking a new position) and increasing the visibility of their job posting. Check out this article to learn about enabling this feature.


What's New

  • You can now set limits per user for Discount Codes. This will work per member upon login, or per email for guests.


What's New

  • Job Board Administrators can now use the Dashboard powered by Google Analytics to understand the demographics and performance of their Job Board, including details like total sessions, page views, bounce rates, and channels of engagement over time.


What's New

  • Job Board Administrators and Employers can now renew job posts easily after logging into the Job Board.


What's New

  • We've added the ability for users to share job posts via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Email.


What's New

  • You can now offer bundles of posts to Employers, allowing them to purchase multiple posts at once at a discounted rate.


What's New

  • Job Board Administrators can now configure custom Industry Types for Employers to select when posting a job.
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