Job Board: Social Media Integrations

This article will walk through how to set up an integration with your organization's LinkedIn or Facebook accounts to automate job postings through those platforms.


How to use it

Navigate to "Manage" > "Settings" in your Job Board admin menu, and click the "Social Media" option on the left side menu



Once there, you will see a preset message on the left that will accompany all of your posts to your social sites (Note: at this time, this message is built-in and cannot be edited). On the right, you will see the options to integrate your job posts to LinkedIn and/or Facebook for your organization. When you click either of these options, you will need to sign in through your organization's LinkedIn or Facebook accounts:




Once your integration is in place, you will now see the word "Connected" for that social media site, with the option to click "disconnect" at any time. Once the connection is in place, newly submitted jobs will post automatically to the social media sites that you have created integrations for!

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