Job Board: Employer Survey Results

Two weeks after a Job listing expires on the board, an automated email survey is sent to the employer who made the post asking them the following three questions:

Was this position filled? 

(If not) Reason the position was not filled:
Haven't found anyone
Position no longer available
Still interviewing candidates
Other (open response)

Comments: (optional)


When the survey results are submitted, each response is sent automatically to the Job Board admin user's email address. Survey results are only available via this email, so if you want to save or compile these in any way you'll need to do that as they come in. Below is a sample of the email you'll see as the Job Board admin, with the subject line "Employer Survey Results: [[Job Title]]" -


As a best practice, we recommend using these responses to follow up with posters who may be good candidates to post again, utilize success stories to further promote your job board, and evaluate things you can be doing to encourage more posters on your board!

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