Job Board: Branding your Job Board

It's imperative your Job Board matches your organizations brand and theme. On the Branding page, you'll be able to add your Organization logo, customize the home page banner on your board, and select from pre-set or custom color themes.

How to get started

After logging in as an Admin, navigate to the Branding page by clicking Manage > Settings in the upper right corner, and then Branding in the left navigation bar.


  • Upload Organization Logo: click Upload Organization Logo to upload your organization's logo to the job board as a JPG, GIF, or PNG. Use the Crop Logo tool to size the logo appropriately. 
  • Home Page Banner Message: Enable, and enter a Title and Subtitle for visitors to see. We recommend as few words as possible. You want to ensure visitors understand who your Organization is and why they should view or post jobs without taking up too much screen space.
  • Color Themes: 
    • Use dark colored header and footer: With this box checked, the header background for the job board (behind the logo) will appear dark instead of white.
    • Select one of the five default themes, or click "Override with Custom Theme" to choose your own custom colors

Click save, and notice the changes real time.

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