Job Board: Dashboard

After you've configured, launched, and promoted your Job Board, the Dashboard should be your home base to measure the board's performance. The Dashboard allows you to review the critical metrics you need to see over custom date ranges in a visually appealing way including:

All-time Metrics:

  • Total Revenue
  • Last Post

Time-bound Metrics:

  • Total Sessions
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Paid Posts
  • Overall Posts
  • Returning vs New User breakdown
  • Sessions trending over time
  • Channels of engagement
  • Visitors by region

How to get there

After logging in, you can access the Dashboard via Manage > Dashboard in the upper right.


Customize the Date Range and click update to refresh the data.


Review the data and consider comparing the results to your marketing efforts. Did you notice a spike in paid posts or page views after sending a certain email? Are you surprised by where your web traffic is originating from, or does it line up with your marketing efforts? All of these questions should be easier to answer with the visitor information found in the Dashboard.


Be sure to submit any feedback you may have for this or our other Job Board Features here.

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