Changing an Existing Profile to a Member


If a non-member profile or prospect in your database becomes a member, you do not need to add another profile. You would just edit their existing profile and add them as a member.

Changing Profile to Member

  1. Find and open the profile.
  2. Click Add as a Member (left side). 

  1. Choose the Member Activity to show more detail about this change.

  1. Choose the Member Activity Date to show when this change occurred.
  2. Choose the Membership Level.

This is optional, but recommended. Setting this will automatically update the Profile Status, Affiliation Codes, Billings, Benefits, and any other settings you configured at the membership level

 If you want to change any contact information, click Continue Editing and you will land on the General Information tab of the Profile Edit screen.

If you do not, click Save & Close and you will return to the Profile View screen.

After making this change, you may want to add related profiles. Click here for more information. 

Creating Member Invoice

In addition, you may need to create a new member invoice for the first year.

Line Items

If you see a blue notification that reads, "There are no recent dues invoices. Click here to add one" and skip to step 2.

  1. Go back to the Profile View screen and, in the Revenue panel, click Create Invoice.

  1. Click Line Items (left side).

  1. Click Add Line Item.

  1. Choose a Revenue Item for this invoice.

Most of these fields may be defined on the Revenue Item. If defined, they will default to that value, but can be overridden.

  1. Choose an Apply Date. This is when the transaction will be posted to any general ledger accounts configured for the selected revenue item.
  2. Choose a Service Period Start and Service Period End date. These will not impact the posting of this transaction, but impact the revenue recognition reports.

The Service Period Start will default to the same date as the Apply Date and the Service Period End will be based on the Service Period, if defined, for the selected Revenue Item.

  1. Enter a Unit Price.
  2. Enter the Quantity.

The adjusted amount due below will be automatically calculated:

  • Unit Price x Quantity + Base Price (if entered).

The Flat Fee option will override the Unit Price, Quantity, and Base Price.

  1. If you do have payment to apply at that moment, skip down to the next sub-section: Adding Payment. Otherwise, click Save and an open invoice will be created on the profile.

At the bottom is an option to Add Line Item if you need to add more (e.g., a startup fee).


To apply a payment, click the Payment tab on the left. 

  1. Select a Payment Type.
  2. Enter an Amount.
  3. Select a Payment Source.
  4. Adjust the Payment Date and Apply Date.
  5. If you select a Credit Card payment type, credit card information fields will appear at the bottom.
  6. When you click Save at the top, the line items will be created, payment will be applied to the line items, and the credit card will be charged if applicable.

After saving the invoice, you'll be returned to the Profile View screen. With all profile information entered and a new member invoice/payment applied, your new member is complete!

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