Undrop Previously Dropped Members

Occasionally, soon after you've dropped a member, they choose to retain their membership and you need to "undrop" that member to reinstate them to their full member status. If you dropped the member using Drop Actions settings, you will be able to easily undo each action completed during the drop process with our "Undrop" feature. 

  1. Go to Profiles > Drop Members.
  2. Below the grid, click Undrop Members.
  3. Scroll down to the Dropped Member grid at the bottom. Select a start and end date for when the member you want to undrop was dropped, and click Search. (Note - this feature only works for members dropped through the automated Drop Actions process. Members dropped prior to February 2016 will not be included).

  4. Select the profile(s) you want to undrop, and click Undrop Selected Members. You'll see a message indicating when the member was successfully undropped. During this process, the following actions occur. If the action was NOT done during the original automated drop, it will simply be skipped during the undrop process.
    1. The Member checkbox is rechecked.
    2. The Profile Status is restored to its previous value.
    3. The Dropped Member Activity will be deleted.
    4. Any Listing(s) that were inactivated are marked as Active.
    5. Any Coupons that were unapproved are marked as Approved.
    6. Any Billing records that were inactivated are unchecked as Inactive (reactivated).
    7. Affiliation Codes that were removed will be added back to the profiles from which they were removed (including related profiles)
    8. If any invoices were adjusted off, those adjustments will be deleted completely as long as they are unposted. Posted adjustments will not be deleted, and you will be notified that you will need to manually update the invoice(s) for this member.

Note that if you have a process to "Reinstate" members that involves adding additional Member Activities, creating new invoices, updating Member Since dates, etc., you will need to continue to do that manually. The "undrop" feature simply undoes all of the actions completed when the member was dropped, so that there is no record that they were ever dropped.

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