Configure Membership Levels

The first step in using Membership Level Management is to create and configure each level. You must have administrative access to both the Set Preferences section and the Member Codes section of the Admin menu to configure Membership Levels.

  1. Go to Admin > Membership Level Management. You'll see a button to Add a Level, and the list of levels you've already created.
  2. Click Add a Level. If you need to update a level you have already created, click Edit. The Level configuration screen appears. Enter a name for the level. This will appear on all profiles that you assign to the level, in the Profile Browser.

  3. Profile Info: If you would like all profiles in this level to always have the same Profile Status, check the "Change" checkbox and select the Profile Status from the dropdown. If you do not check Change, members who get assigned to this level can have any Profile Status and it will not be assigned or updated automatically.
  4. Billing: click Add Billing to add a recurring billing record that will be created for all members in this level, according to the settings you enter. 
  • Revenue Item: select the Revenue Item to be used for this recurring Billing - usually a dues item, though you can create additional Billings that are non-dues. The same Revenue Item can be used for multiple Membership Levels. This field is required if you add a Billing.**
  • Amount: enter a Unit Price, Base Price, or Flat Fee (Unit Price is recommended). If you leave all Amount fields blank, the system will use the amount on any previous Billing records for the member. If there are no previous Billing records (for example, for new members), the Amount will be $0 and you can edit the Billing that gets created to enter the amount.
    Note: if you have Automatic Revenue Calculations in your database, you will alternately be able to select an ARC item from a dropdown for this billing record.
  • Anchor Month: if your billing records use an anchor month based on when a member joins/initiate the billing, set this as Use Current Month. When updating a billing record on an existing member, the level will use the Anchor Month on the member's existing billing record. For example, if  a member has a billing record from a different level with an Anchor Month of May, and you update them to a different level some time in July, the billing record for the new level will still have an Anchor Month of May. If all members always pay this item in January (for example), select Set Month and choose the month from the dropdown.
  • Anchor Day: the Anchor Day works exactly like the Anchor Month, described above. Most users prefer to set this as "Set Day" and choose 1, so that regardless of month (above), the Day is always the first of the month.
  • Billing Cycle: if this Membership Level always has a specific cycle, you can set it here. You can leave this field as "Use Current Billing Cycle" if members in this level may have any Billing Cycle.
  •  Affiliation Codes: select the Affiliation Codes you would like to add to any member assigned to this level. You can hold down your Ctrl key to select multiple Affiliations, then click the [>] button to add them to the level. If you need to remove any Affiliations, select them on the right and then click the [<] button. When a member is assigned to this level, the Affiliation codes will be added to their profile. If they are switched to a different level, these Affiliations will be removed.
    Below the Affiliations that you can add to the member profile, you'll see the option to select a different set of Affiliation Codes to add to the profiles related to the member by a primary relation. For example, if you have an organization at Gold Level with three related Employees, those three employees would each get the Affiliation Codes that you select here on their individual profiles. If the member is removed from the level, these codes will be removed from the individual (primary) related profiles, as well.

  • Listings: if all members in this level should have the same Listing Type and Listing Details Type (which determine how they appear in your online directory), check the Override Listing Types and Position checkbox and select the Types and Position for the level. Any new listings you create for members in this level will have the Types you indicate by default, and any existing listings will be set to these Types when you change a member to this level.
  • Once you have entered your settings for each section, click Save at the bottom. Note that none of these configuration options are required, but if you do not enter an item for any section no profile data other than the actual Memberhship Level will be updated.

**NOTE: it is STRONGLY recommended that if you create billing records for levels, at least one level uses the revenue item(s) that you currently use on your member profiles. When members are assigned to a level, the system will inactivate previous billing records only if the existing billing record has a revenue item assigned to a Membership Level. Not doing this could result in duplicate billing records. Click here for more information.


Changing Existing Levels

If you click Edit on any level and make a change to any section, after clicking Save you will be prompted to propagate your changes to all members already assigned to that level.


You can click No, Save Settings Only to simply save the changes you've made and have them apply only to profiles assigned to the level moving forward. However, if you would like to apply your changes to all profiles that already have the level you updated, check the checkbox "Yes, update profiles" and then click Yes, Update Profiles.

Only the section(s) that you updated will be propagated to the members in that level. For example, if you add a new Affiliation Code (as your only change), all members in the level will be updated to have the full list of Affiliation Codes for that level. Profile Status, Billings, and Listings will not be updated. Click here for questions on exactly how profile data is updated.

This process may take some time, depending on how many members are in the level, so the system will notify you when the updates are complete. You can also view progress on the Membership Level Management screen.


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