Create a Member's Listing for your Online Directory

Create a Member Listing
How do I add a category listing to a member so they appear in the online directory?

While there are many advanced options that you can use to override, enhance, and otherwise alter category listings, you can add a basic member listing very easily.  This should be done for all new members to ensure that they appear on your online member directory.

1. Search for and open the Profile you want to create a listing for.
2. Click on Edit Profile and navigate to the Listings tab.
3. Click the Add New button.

4. Choose a Listing Category from the drop down box. If needed, choose a sub-category in the next drop down box. Set the Listing Level, Details Listing Level, and Listing Position based on your association's directory settings.
5. Next there are four check boxes, these will allow you to make your listing a primary listing, a web listing, a print listing and an active listing. All boxes are checked by default, and generally should all remain checked.  If this is a secondary listing (the member has more than one category listing), uncheck the 'Primary' checkbox.  The 'Active' checkbox MUST be checked for this listing to appear in your online directory.

6. You can change any other settings on the listing, though these are all optional.  For more information on these, see the article 'Enhance a Member's Listing.'

NOTE: Although it is not defined on the Long Business Description field, the limit on this field is 1500 characters. The limit on the Short Description is 250 characters, as indicated. 

7. If you would like to add multiple categories/listings, you can click Add New again to add an additional listing and select a different category and/or sub-category. 

8. Once all listing fields are entered, click Save Profile.


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