Set Up Pricing on your Online Join Form

There are two ways that you can set up pricing options for the dues payment (and other purchase options) on your online join form: Membership Levels, and Additional Purchase Items.** You can use just one of these options, OR a combination of them.

Membership Levels

If your organization uses Membership Levels that are configured with Billing record settings, simply adding the Membership Level selection to the form will automate both the initial membership dues invoice and the recurring billing for the member. This is the preferred method of adding membership pricing.

To make sure all of your Membership Levels are set up to properly add pricing to your form:

  • Go to Admin > Membership Level Settings.
  • Edit each existing Membership Level, and select the Billing tab.
  • Verify that each level 1) has a Billing record, and 2) each Billing record has either a price, OR is assigned to an Automatic Revenue Calculation. If you use variable pricing but do NOT yet have a Revenue/Pricing Calculation set up, click here to learn how to do this.
  • If you need to add pricing to any Membership Level, you can do that now and when saving, choose "No, Save Settings Only" instead of updating all existing profiles. This will allow you to configure the pricing for new members moving forward, without affecting any existing members. Click here to learn more about Membership Level setup.

To add the Membership Level selection to your Online Join Form:

  1. Wherever you want the selection to appear, click New Form Element (note: you may want to add a Heading or Block of Text as well, explaining the pricing/membership investment section). Choose Add a Field.
  2. Select Membership Level as the Field Type.

  3. Check the box next to each Membership Level you want to be available for purchase through the online form.
  4. If you want to change the label of any level selection, you can do so in the label field next to each level.
  5. Click Add.

When the new member selects the appropriate level from the dropdown, the pricing from the billing record will be added to the form and they will be prompted for payment based on your Form Settings. When the form is submitted, they will be added to that level and all corresponding settings will be automatically updated on the profile.

Additional Purchase Items

If you have any items you'd like to add to your form that are not tied to Membership Levels, you can add an Additional Purchase Item. This can be used for membership dues pricing, or any add-on or fee in addition to membership fees.

  1. Wherever you want the selection to appear, click New Form Element. Choose Add a Field.
  2. Select Additional Purchase Item, then Purchase Item from the dropdown that appears.

  3. From the Value dropdown, choose the Revenue Item you would like to use for the invoice line item that will be created for this purchase item.
  4. Check Required if you want this purchase item to always be selected on the form. Unlike other checkboxes, Purchase Items marked as required will be checked by default and the end user may not uncheck it. This is useful for required application fees, etc. that the user cannot opt out of.
  5. Enter the Label Text that you would like to appear on the public form. This label text will be displayed along with a checkbox giving the user the option to select the item.
  6. Enable Proration allows you to reduce the total price (set below) based on the date the form is being submitted. If enabled, the total price will be (1/12th) the total price multiplied by the number of months that have elapsed since the start month you select, including the current month. 
  7. The default price from the Revenue Item will automatically be used in the form. If you want to use a different flat price for this item on the form, enter it in the price field.
    1. If you have a Pricing Calculation created for this Revenue Item that you want to use to calculate the price instead of using a flat rate, select Use Pricing Calculation. If you use variable pricing but do NOT yet have a Revenue/Pricing Calculation set up, click here to learn how to create one.
  8. Click Add.

When the user submits the form and selects the purchase item(s), the items will be totaled on the form price, and invoice line items will be created (with payments, if credit payment is submitted) for each item. If you have any purchase items flagged as "Dues" types in the Revenue Item code settings, at least one of those Dues items will be required to be selected for the user to submit the form.


** There is one other option for pricing on the form, which you can find in the Listing Information field type if you charge per additional listing. When you add the Listing element, if you allow the new member to add additional listings, you can also select a price per additional listing to be added to the cost of the membership.


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