Add a File Upload to your Online Join Form

To allow new members to upload a logo, images, or documents when they submit a form, you can add an "Upload File" element to be created on the new profile as a Web Content record.

To add the Upload File element to your form:

  1. In the form, in the location you want to add the upload item, click New Form Element.
  2. Choose Add a Field, then choose Upload File as the Field Type.

  3. Enter a label to appear next to the file upload option on the public form. This should be a short label ("Online Directory Logo") - if you have further instructions, add that separately as a Block of Text element above the field. 
  4. Select the Web Content Type to use for the new image/document. If you are prompting the new member to upload their logo for the directory, you'll want to choose "Listing_Logo" as the Content Type.
  5. Click Add.

On the public form, the new member will be able to select any file from their local machine/network, and when the form is submitted that file will be uploaded as a Web Content record using the Type indicated in your setup, and assigned to the new member profile.

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