Configuring your Join Form Settings

There are several settings available that apply to each Join Form overall, as opposed to any one specific form element. You can edit these settings by clicking the "Form Settings" button at the top of the Form Builder. 

  • Payment Options: this allows you to select whether to require a credit card payment on your form. If you have any Membership Level/Purchase Item pricing in your form, you need to select at least one of these two options
    • Allow Bill Me: If only this option is selected, the user will NOT be prompted to enter any payment and an open invoice will be created for the membership.
      • Do not check member checkbox: this setting will prevent the new profile from being flagged as a member in your database. All other data (affiliations, member activity, etc) will be created from the form submission, but the Member checkbox will not be checked and the profile will not be included as a member. You will need to manually complete the membership activation after payment comes in. 
    • Allow Credit Card: If only this is selected, the user MUST enter a credit card and pay for the membership in order to submit the form
    • Allow Member to subscribe to Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB): check this option if you would like to give members paying via Credit Card the option to set up a recurring charge using that credit card for each year. This option requires you two have two things set up in your system:
      1. In Admin > Global Settings> Integrations > Credit Card Gateway, you MUST have "Enable ARB" checked and fully set up for your database
      2. Your form MUST use Membership Levels as a pricing option. There is no configuration option on the join form for automatically creating Billing records without using Membership Levels, and ARB requires that Billing record to properly create the recurring charge.
    • Require member to subscribe to ARB: if you want to require that anyone submitting this form select the ARB option (most commonly used for Monthly membership forms), check this box. The subscribe to ARB checkbox will be checked by default and the user will not be able to uncheck it before submitting the form. 
  • Activity Type: select the "Add" Member Activity Type to be used for a Member Activity to be automatically added to the new member profile on submission. A best practice is to create a new "Add" Member Activity Type (Admin > Manage Codes > Member Codes) to specifically track joins that came in through your online join form.
  • Membership: by default the form is set to "Organization" based membership, so the "Member Contact Information" will contain organization name field(s) and the Main Contact will be for the related individual. If the type of membership your form needs to collect is Individual-based, change this radio button to "Individual". The Member Contact Information will update to use the first name, last name, etc. fields and the Main Contact will be for a related organization. 
  • Email Settings: add Notification email addresses to indicate a staff person who should receive a copy of any new Join Form submissions. The email contains the name of the new member, the invoice details, and a list of fields in the form with the information the member submitted. You can add as many Notification email recipients as desired.

    NOTE: In order for confirmation and notification emails to be sent, there MUST be an email address field on the form for the member profile, and it must be filled out by the applicant. (Best practice: set this field as required so that it cannot be left blank.) An email address field for the main contact will not meet this requirement.

  • Confirmation Email Message Text: by default, the confirmation page after submission AND the confirmation email that goes to the new member will contain the member contact information, a summary of their invoice/payment, and a copy of the form with all submitted values in the body of the email. If you'd like to add a custom message to the top of this existing email, you can enter it here. 
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