Adding Affiliation Code selections to your Join Form

Your online join form can ask the new member questions in either a checkbox or a dropdown format, that when selected will automatically assign the Affiliation Code of their choice to their profile. This is an excellent way to have the member set preferences, assign groups, etc.

To add the Affiliation element to your form:

  1. In the form, in the location you want to add the Affiliation option, click New Form Element.
  2. Choose Add a Field, then choose Affiliation Codes as the Field Type.
  3. In the Field dropdown, choose whether you want to list a single Affiliation Codes (to appear with a checkbox next to it), or a dropdown of a specific Affiliation Type with Affiliation Codes listed for the user to select one. 
  4. Affiliation: use this option for anything you'd like the new member to be able to select as a yes/no question - it will appear as a single checkbox on the form. You can add as many of these as you want, so use this option if you want to allow them to select multiple Affiliation Codes: you'll just repeat these steps for each one. 
    1. If this checkbox MUST be checked for the form to be completed, check Required. This is useful for "terms and conditions" agreement statements etc, but shouldn't be used for opt in/opt out options.
    2. Select the Affiliation Code that you want to have added to the profile if the new member checks the box from the Value dropdown. 
    3. Update the Label Text to be the text you want to appear next to the checkbox on the form.
  5. Affiliation Type Selection: use this option if you'd like to display a list of Affiliation Codes for the user to select only one. You may not create dropdown lists of Affiliation Codes that are not the same Affiliation Type. 
    1. Check Required if the new member must choose one option from the list.
    2. Update the Label Text to be what you want to appear next to the dropdown on the public form.
    3. Choose an Affiliation Code Type from the dropdown.
    4. Check the box next to each of the Affiliation Codes you want to appear in the dropdown list. If you don't update the labels, the Affiliation Code Description will appear in the dropdown, or you can manually enter the label for each individual code. 
  6. Click Add.

When the form is submitted, the new member will have all of the Affiliation Codes selected through these elements automatically added to their member profile. 

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