Online Join Form Overview

The Online Join Form allows you to build a personalized, configurable form on your website where new members can enter their contact and membership information, submit payment, and instantly become member profiles in your database. 

To access the Form Builder, where you can edit and update the text, fields, and settings for your form, go to Communication > Form Builder. Your User role must have access to the 'Web Template Manager' security element to access this page.

The first time you access the form builder, a default form will load with basic contact information. You can edit any of these fields, or click New Form Element to add more features and fields to the form. Click here for our detailed instructions on creating a new form.

The most important feature of the new form is that each field that you want to collect on your form is going to flow into the new member profile automatically. Therefore every question you ask on the form needs to correspond with an MC Trade data field - an affiliation code, profile contact info, a custom field, a revenue item, etc. You'll start by choosing that field, and then you can add custom labels, re-order items, and add supplementary headers and blocks of text to design the form as you wish it to appear online.


Each form that is created has a corresponding public link automatically generated that you can use on your website navigation, Join Now buttons on your site, email links, etc.

When a new member submits the application, a new member profile and all related profiles will automatically be created in your system. All of the field values entered into the form will be mapped and saved to the corresponding field in the profile. The profile will have the "Member" checkbox checked and all billings, listings, etc. created through the process will be active.

An invoice will be generated for all Membership Level line items and/or Additional Purchase Item line items selected on the form, and if a credit card payment was submitted, the payment will be applied on the invoice. If "Pay by Check" was selected as a payment option, the invoice will be created and open with no corresponding payments.

If you have a Membership Level selection on your form, the Profile Status, Billings, Listing Levels, Affiliation Codes, and Benefits will be automatically added to the new member.

NOTE: In order for confirmation and notification emails to be sent, there MUST be an email address field on the form for the member profile, and it must be filled out by the applicant. (Best practice: set this field as required so that it cannot be left blank.) An email address field for the main contact will not meet this requirement.

The goal of the Online Join Form is to save you time and get your new members into the system as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Click here to get started!

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