LEGACY Members Only Portal: Emailing Members Only Area Credentials

You can use a dynamic field ("Special Field") in either the desktop or browser Mass Communicator to send any number of member profiles, or related profiles if they also have access to Members Only, their username and a link to set their own password. The instructions below are generic to either version of the Mass Communicator - click here for more info on using the browser version.

  1. Open the Mass Communicator to compose your message.
  2. On the Message tab, you can use a template or write your email from scratch. Wherever you want the credentials/link to be displayed, place your cursor in the body of the message. Then in the Special Fields dropdown, select Portal Login Credentials Link.
  3. You will see a placeholder that says [[PORTALLOGINLINK]] in the message where the field will appear.
  4. On the Profiles tab, select the profiles to which you would like to send the email. Note that the profile you select here is the profile whose credentials will populate into the email, regardless of what other settings you choose. If you are sending to organizations, you may want to send to the main contact email address - click here for more info.
  5. On the Send tab, you can send a test of the email. You'll see a sample of the Portal Login Link for the first profile in your list (browser version only). The Portal Login Link will be replaced with the following:

    Username: SampleUser123
    Set Password

    or, if the profile does not have a username already created:

    Username: sample@email.com
    Set Password

    The "Set Password" link is a unique link that will allow the user to set/reset their password. If they have never logged in before, this process will validate that they are in fact a member (or related to a member), and allow them to create a password to use with their email to log in immediately.

  6. Click Send to send the email to all selected Profiles.

Note: Special Fields do not work with the Send Test Email option. To test Special Fields before emailing members, add your profile to the To section and send the full email.



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