LEGACY Members Only Portal: Transaction History in Members Only

When members log in to your online Members Only portal, one of the options they have is to click "Pay My Bills" in your portal links. On the Online Bill Pay page, members can see a list of their past transactions and view/print the paid invoices from the page.

The list displays all invoice line items for this profile, for a date range of the past year. Your members can click in the Start Date and/or End Date fields to change this date range, and click Refresh to view the transactions for that date range.

The Amount displayed is the adjusted total amount for each individual line item. To view further details, the member can click on the Invoice Number link to view a printable invoice (this is your association's custom Invoice report).

If you would prefer not to display this Transaction History, you can disable this feature in your Admin menu. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Web Preferences, click Web Defaults, and then click the Members Only tab. Check the checkbox "Do Not Display Transaction History" and click save.*

This feature will give your members an improved online experience, expanding the resources you provide to them and giving them a quick and easy way to see their history with your association. 


*Note: if you use a third party or newer website, you may see a message upon saving that says "An error occurred while trying to upload your CSS file to the designated web server." You can ignore and click OK to clear this error and your settings will be saved with no issues.

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