LEGACY Members Only Portal: Overview of the Profile Update Form

The MC Trade Profile Update Form, found within the Members Only page, allows members to update much of the information on their Profile, as well as any other Profile they are related to or for which they are marked as an Editor. The Profile Update Form is a terrific tool to use to ensure membership data is always up-to-date, and there is a Special Field in the Mass Communicator that lets you send a direct link to the form in emails. Members can log in at any time to update their address, staff list, and any of the other information listed below that you have allowed them to edit through the Profile Update Form Settings area (Admin > Set Preferences > Profile Update Form Settings). All changes made here will wait for your staff to review, edit or approve in the Profile Update Requests Area:

  • Name, address and other basic contact information
  • Directory Listing category and descriptions
  • Affiliation Codes you have identified as visible to Profiles
  • Relationships they have to other Profiles (including adding new Profiles they are related to)
  • Social Media accounts they have



Editor Access

Profiles marked as Editor under a related company Profile will be able to edit that company's Profile in addition to editing their own Profile. If an individual is logged in, they will click Edit My Profile to edit their own individual profile. They will also see a list of any Editable Profiles Related to their individual Profile, including any related company or individual profiles on which they are marked as Editor. If the member is logged in using the company credentials versus their own individual credentials, they will automatically have access to edit the company profile as well as any related profiles.



Sending the Profile Update Form to Members

The Update Profile Link special field in the mass communicator will send email recipients directly to their Profile Update form in Members Only. You may choose to send the company credentials to main contacts, or individual credentials to any individual member or individual profile connected to a member company. Click here to learn about Special Fields: Using Special Fields in Emails

Accepting Member Edits

Click here for an article that walks through approving Profile Change Requests.




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