LEGACY Members Only Portal: Fixing Member Login Issues

If a member contacts you to let you know that they can't log in to your Member portal, there are several things you can check to make sure they have the correct credentials set up, and reset their credentials for them if necessary to get them going again.

  1. Open the individual or member profile and take a look at their Web / Portal tab. Verify that the username is populated, and that it is the one that they used to log in. Note: the password field may be populated with a masked password (***), or it may be blank. Both scenarios are normal and a blank password does NOT mean that the user doesn't have credentials, it just means they've been updated since our 19.3 software update to store their password securely on our central user database instead.
  2. If the username they tried to use is correct in their profile, check to see if there are multiple profiles with the same email address. 
    1. If there are no other profiles with the same email address in your system, go ahead and enter a new password and click Save at the top, and inform the member of the new password. The field will blank out after save; this is normal.
  3. If there are duplicate profiles with the same email address, the member likely changed their password using that email address but they are now trying to log in using the username from a different profile. You can inform the member that logging in by entering their email address AS their username will eliminate this issue. 
  4. If the member needs to be able to log in as BOTH of the profiles that have the same email addresses (for example, an organization profile and an individual profile), create a unique username and password in each of the two profiles and inform the member of the new credentials. Members can only automatically reset the password on one profile per email address, which is why we recommend unique emails for all profiles. If they must have the same email on both profiles, you will need to handle any needed password resets on their behalf. 
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