LEGACY Members Only Portal: Best Practices in Launching your Members Only Area

Your Members Only Area is one of the most valuable aspects of your website. It enables your members and audiences to interact with you in a special way, one that provides exclusive access and content and self-service options that help help them take charge of their relationship with you.

But not every organization organizes their Members Only Area the same way, so MC Trade has many configurable aspects to it that allow you to control the experience for your members.

The attached Best Practices Guide walks you through the steps involved in configuring and communicating your Members Only Area, and even includes email templates you can use to start promoting this benefit:

  • Configuring who can enter and what data they can change
  • Seeding the area with events and surveys to engage your members
  • Communicating instructions and passwords to the right people


Click below to download the Best Practices in Launching your Members Only Area


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