LEGACY Members Only Portal: How To Allow Related Profiles to View/Pay Members' Invoices

Question: How do we allow related profiles of members to view and pay the member's invoices in the Members Only Portal?

Answer: In order for a related profile to to have access to invoices for a Member they are related to, there are a few settings that must be in place:

1. Admin > Set Preferences > Profile Portal Settings: The portal access must be set to allow related profiles to login. "Members and any related profile" would be appropriate.

2. Admin > Manage Codes > Profile Codes > Relation Type: In here, you must set the corresponding relation types to be Primary Relations of each other.


3. Admin > Set Preferences > Profile Update Form Settings > Related Profiles (Organization and Individual): Check the option to "Allow Profiles with Edit Permission to view other profiles' Online Bill Pay page and Pay".


4. Any related profile that is set as an "Editor" of the member organization profile can then view the member's invoices via the Profile Update tab in the Members Only Links. There will be a button to view the invoices next to any profile for which they are an Editor. 


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