Ecommerce Codes

While setting up eCommerce Item for your Online Store, you can configure additional options like Categories, Shipping Types, Item Types, Custom Fields  and Option Types. To be able to configure these additional options, you will need to setup eCommerce Codes.

To setup eCommerce Codes, go to Admin >> Manage Codes >> Website Codes >> Ecommerce Codes.


Ecommerce Categories

Any eCommerce Item can be classified by Category and is one of the most common way for organizations to separate their eCommerce Items. Visitors to your Online Store can also search or view eCommerce items by their category.

  • Click Add a Category to add a Category. This will open a modal where you can enter the name of the Category and also a description. You can also assign a category to a Parent Category from the drop down.
  • Click the Actions button on the Category list page to either Edit or Delete a Category. 
  • Once you hit save, it will appear in the grid for eCommerce Categories

Ecommerce Custom Fields

Add eCommerce Custom Fields to the items and have it displayed on the Online store in addition to the item name, description and price. These may include additional description or information about the Item itself. When setting up eCommerce items you will be able to enter information for custom fields that are associated with that Item.

  • Click Add Custom Field which will open a modal and enter a Name. Example for Custom fields are Item ISBN #, details about a product such as as Material, Machine Washable information etc
  • Enter a Description which could be a short explanation about the Custom Field. This is optional and will NOT appear on the Online Store
  • The custom fields can be configured to show up on different pages of the Online Store by checking the boxes below. 
    • Searchable would make the custom field searchable on the eCommerce Store Search
    • List Page would display the custom field for the item on the Online Store page that shows all the eCommerce Items
    • Detail Page would display the custom field for the item when someone clicks on a particular item to view the details of that item
    • Hit Save and it will appear in the grid for Custom Fields

Ecommerce Item Types

eCommerce Items are classified by their Item Type. You can have as many Item Types as you want or just one because you will also be identifying eCommerce Items by the Category, so may be one Item Type is all you need.


  • Click Add Item Type to add an Item Type. This will open a modal where you can enter the Item Type Name. You can also enter a short description. This will appear in your online store as a grouping of items, and use this filter on the eCommerce Transactions to search for specific transactions.
  • You can link each Item Type to eCommerce Custom Fields which are available, to keep your item custom fields organized. You can select the custom fields from the Available Custom Field when creating the Item Type. 
  • Hit save and this appear in the gird for eCommerce Item Types
  • Click the Actions button on the eCommerce Item Types list page to Edit or Delete an Item Type. You will have to remove the Item type from all linked eCommerce Item types before you delete it 

Ecommerce Option Type

Any eCommerce Item you setup can have multiple options for that item. For example, if you were selling a T-Shirt (eCommerce Item) it could be available in different options like Color (Red, Blue, Green etc) or Size (Small, Medium, Large). You can set up eCommerce Option Types for this purpose and when used for an eCommerce Item, you can also setup additional costs for each of them. 


  • Click Add Option Type which will open a Modal. Enter the Option Type Name like Color, Size etc
  • Enter a description for the Option Type and click save
  • Hit save and this appear in the gird for eCommerce Option Types
  • Click Actions to either Edit or Delete an eCommerce Option Type




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