Guide to launching the new Online Store

As we come closer to the end of year 2022, we are excited to announce the launch of our New Online Store on MCTrade. As we work towards moving features from the desktop to the browser on MCTrade, through this rebuild we've moved all the back-end configuration for the Online store like eCommerce Items, Settings and Codes to the browser. The new Online store has also been improved to have a modern look and feel. 


Launching the New Online Store

After release 22.23, clients who currently have an existing store and manage the back-end configuration on the Desktop, will see a "Launch New Store" button on the eCommerce Store Settings page (Admin>> Global Settings>> Web Preferences>> Ecommerce Store Settings). You can also see how your new Online Store might look by clicking on "View Store".



Before you launch, setup Store Settings and see the changes on the new store by clicking on "View Store". Once you launch the new Online Store, all visitors to your Old store will be redirected to the New one, and the Old Store will no longer be accessible. The link to your new Online store will be [subdomain]/MC Trade/ecommerce. You will also see all the back-end configuration options for eCommerce like Ecommerce Item Setup, Ecommerce Transactions and Ecommerce Codes. It will take between 24-48 hours for this change to take affect.



  • The use of eCommerce Store URLs that link directly to specific item categories and search results is not currently compatible with the New Online Store
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