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In order to create eCommerce Items, you should setup eCommerce Codes which is under Admin>>Manage Codes>>Website Codes>>Ecommerce Codes. For articles on eCommerce Codes, visit this article. An eCommerce item can be a product or file from the MC Trade database. Most of our clients sell merchandise or industry specific manuals for users to purchase. You can also sell reports from your database or files with data such as PDF, Excel or Word.

NOTE: The eCommerce module on the browser is backwards compatible, which means that you do not have to recreate eCommerce Codes or Items if you already have them setup on the desktop.

Once you have eCommerce codes setup, you are all set to add eCommerce Items to your Online store. You can add information to the item when setting it up like, Images, Restrictions, Keywords, Affiliation Code, Shipping and more. To setup, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Communications >> Ecommerce Items
  • Click on ADD A NEW ECOMMERCE ITEM which would open a dialog box

  • On the General tab:
    • Enter a name for the eCommerce Item
    • From the Type dropdown, select the appropriate Item Type
    • Select the Revenue Item for this Item. This will be used for all invoices generated from purchasing this item. If the revenue item is setup as taxable, applicable tax will be applied during the purchase on the Online Store
    • You can type and pick the appropriate Category for the eCommerce Item. You can assign an item to multiple categories
    • Enter a Description for the eCommerce Item. Both the Name and Description will appear for the item on the Online Store page. You can customize the description using the HTML Editor
    • Set a Default Price for the item that would be displayed for everyone who visits the Online Store
    • *You can also set a Member Price, by checking the box and entering a price that would only show for members when they login to the Online Store
    • *Item is inactive will hide this item and not show on the list of eCommerce Items

  • On the Images tab:
    • *Use the Upload Images button to upload as many images as your want for the eCommerce item. (We recommend square images with dimension 750px x 750px)
    • Set any image to be the Primary image. This would be used as the default image for an item on the Online Store.

  • On the Options tab:
    • All the eCommerce Options Types setup would be displayed on this tab. You can check the Option Type box and enter multiple labels and relevant prices, if necessary
    • The Options would show for the eCommerce item during purchase on the Online store

  • On the Shipping tab:
    • Add Shipping and any costs related to it on this tab. You can pick the Shipping type from the dropdown list and add a Fixed Amount or Shipping cost per item or both
    • Use the "Add another Type" button to add more than one shipping type and relevant costs
    • Use the 'x' button to remove a Shipping type off an eCommerce item

  • On the Download Web Content tab:
    • If you are selling items that are Documents, Reports or Manuals, you can upload them on this tab for visitors to purchase on the Online Store. If you select/upload web content here, a link to download this web content will appear in both the confirmation page and email after the user purchases the item. 
    • Choose an existing piece of web content or upload a new one from a local/network drive that you can access
    • Apply restrictions to the web content to Control who can access this piece of web content. Note that if you choose to add additional restrictions, the purchaser must be logged in and meet those restrictions even after making the purchase.  
      • Restrict access based on affiliation codes or limit the access to only Members by using the checkbox Only members have access
    • Save this record to save all the settings on this tab

  • On the Restrictions tab:
    • Check Restrict to Members to restrict the purchase of an eCommerce Item to only Members. 
    • Check Restrict to these affiliations only to restrict the purchase of an eCommerce item based on affiliation codes on a Profile. Start typing the name of an Affiliation code into the box. A list will appear and you can select one or more affiliation codes
    • Hide this item if the user doesn't meet all requirements will hide the item on the eCommerce Store if the visitor does not meet the restrictions
    • Enter a Teaser message for ex: promotional text for an eCommerce item, which would only be visible to all visitors when not logged in
    • Restricted message can be used to display text on an item when the user is logged in but is not eligible to purchase the item since they do not meet the restriction requirements (ex: Item only available for Board Members)

  • On the Search Keywords tab:
    • Assign Keywords to an eCommerce Item by typing in the text box. You can assign multiple keywords to an item
    • Visitors to the Online store can run a quick search on Keywords to find specific eCommerce Items

  • On the Custom Fields tab:
    • Custom Fields on an eCommerce item are used to provide additional information to a Purchaser about the item. For ex: Material, Maintenance, etc
    • All eCommerce Custom fields setup as codes will be displayed on an eCommerce Item. 
    • The custom field name and its values for an eCommerce Item would show on the Online store

  • On the Affiliation Codes tab:
    • You can also assign affiliation codes to profiles who have a purchased an eCommerce Item.
    • Start typing in the box provided and pick the Affiliation codes that you would like to assign to a purchaser's profile

      NOTE: This would only work if the profile is logged into the store when making the purchase/ when creating a profile through a purchase
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