Ecommerce Store Settings

The Online store is where visitors can view items, add it to the cart and complete a purchase. The Ecommerce Store settings is where you can customize your Online store. To Configure settings go to Admin>> Global Settings>> Web Preferences>> Ecommerce Store Settings.



Ecommerce Store Title: Enter a Store Title that will appear on the Header of the Online Store. For example MC Trade Store

Ecommerce Store subtitle: Enter a subtitle to the Online Store which will be displayed right under the Title on the Header

Ecommerce Store Introductory Text: You can also add additional text using the HTML editor which would be displayed under the Header Image. This could be text about promotions or any general information. 


Header Image: Use the Upload Header Image button to upload an image for the header of the eCommerce Store. The recommended dimensions are 1300px x 260px.

Header Image: If you do not want to use an Image you can add a background color by Picking a new color


Show Login Button: when checked, the Login prompt button will show throughout the store for any unauthenticated users, and will take the user to the login screen when clicked. 

Login Button Text: if the login button is configured to show, the text you input here will be used as the button text



Profile Creation: You can now use the Profile Creation Settings to create a new profile from a purchase on the Online Store.

  • Create a new Profile: This setting will create a profile using the information entered during the payment. The invoice generated from the purchase will also be linked to the new profile. An extra First and Last Name field will display and be used to create this profile if you have this setting enabled. 
  • Link the existing purchase to an anonymous profile: This setting will link the purchase and invoice to the anonymous profile on your database. The first/last name fields will not be displayed with this setting enabled. 

Shipping and Handling:

You can also add a Global Shipping and Handling cost by the use of a SQL formula. This will add a Shipping and Handling cost to the Purchase on the Online Store. You can use this to add an additional cost to the purchase which is separate from the Item Shipping cost or just on its own.

  • Check the "Enable Global S/H formula" to activate 
  • Choose a revenue item from the drop down to link to the Shipping and Handling
  • Enter a SQL formula that would execute the cost foe the purchase (Example in the screenshot above)


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