Listing by Category Report


This report shows a list of profiles for each listing category and sub-category.

Example of sub-category ("Space"):

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Running the Report

  1. Click on the Reports menu and Run a Report.
  2. Click to expand the Member Reports.

  1. Click on Listings By Category.

This will open a window where you define parameters for the report.

After you click OK to run the report, you can refresh the report page at any time to go back to the parameters window, and make changes.

At the top of the report, be sure to look at the paging controls (see screenshot below). If the button on the right (next page) is available then there is more data.

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After you define these parameters, scroll to the bottom, and click OK to go into the report.

Enter ViewFormat: This allows you to render the report in the standard Print View for printing or exporting or in a special Export View that is optimized for exporting.

The Export View is NOT readable from the browser, but readable in Excel.

  • The Print View, which is the standard view for all reports, renders the data in a readable format from the browser. It includes Print and Export options in the top left corner.
  • The Export View also includes Print and Export options in the top left corner, but this view is specifically meant to be used with the Export option > Excel formats.

For Export View, choose "Microsoft Excel (1997-2003) Data-Only" as the File Format.

The next two sections allow you to add listing categories by range (A) or selection (B). You will either use the range controls (A), the selection controls (B), or a combination.

  • If you add it as a range then after you click Add Range (1), it will appear in C.
  • If you add it by selection, after you click the right arrow (2), it will appear in C.

Start of Range and End of Range: This range determines what listing categories should be reflected in the report. You will either define this range and click Add Range (on the right) or skip down to Available Values/Selected Values and choose specific listing categories.

In the example below, if the "Start of Range" is Automotive and the "End of Range" is Car Services then everything (alphabetically) from Automotive to Car Services (Awards, Bakery, etc.) will be included.

You may also choose to add multiple ranges.

Going back to the example above, if you only want Automotive and Car Services, then do not define a range. Instead, you will need to add those in the Available Values/Selected Values section.

  • Include this value: This sub-option is available for the Start of Range and End of Range. If checked, the selected start/end will be included in the range.
  • No lower value: If checked, this will remove the Start of Range, and add everything from the beginning of the list until the End of Range.
  • No higher value: If checked, this will remove the End of Range, and add everything from the Start of Range to the end of the list.

Available Values/Selected Values: Under "Available Values," click on a listing category and then click the right arrow to add it to the list of "Selected Values." Whether you add values with a range or individually, the Selected Values must have at least one listing category.

  • If you click the double arrows then you are adding everything.

In the example above, if you wanted to quickly select: "Advertising - Marketing" and "Apartments/Living," hold the Ctrl key, click each item, and then click the right arrow to add both of them.

  • To remove a listing category, under the Selected Values, select the level, and click Remove, or to remove all, click Remove All.

Select the Listings you want to see: Choose between "Active Members Only" and "All Active Listings."

  • "Active Members" will include profiles that have listings, but only if they are currently members.

Membership does not require you to be assigned a membership level. A profile can be added as a member, but not assigned a level. 

  • "All Active Listings" will include profiles that have listings. It does not matter if they are currently members or not.

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Breakdown of Report

The report is broken up into sections and each section represents a listing category.

If there is a sub category, it will appear underneath the listing category.

Each category/sub-category includes the:

  • Profile ID and name
  • Main contact name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number

Also, at the bottom of each section, is the total number of profiles in each category.

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In the top left corner is a button to print which allows you to export this report to PDF.

If you chose the Export View (Parameters) then do NOT use this option because it will print an unreadable report. Instead use the Export option which is detailed below.

Once exported to PDF, you can view and print the PDF.

Also in the top left corner is a button to export to other formats.

The other available formats include:

  • Crystal Reports (RPT)
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Rich Text Format
  • Character Separated Values (CSV)
  • XML

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