Payment Totals Report


This report shows a list of profiles with each payment category (Dues, Non-Dues, Event Sponsorship, Event Attendance, and Other), with the member's total payments in that category for the specified date range, and a total of all categories in the last column.

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Running the Report

  1. Click on the Reports menu and Run a Report.
  2. Click to expand the Revenue Reports and Payment Reports.

  1. Click on Payment Totals.

This will open a window where you define parameters for the report.

After you click OK to run the report, you can refresh the report page at any time to go back to the parameters window, and make changes.

At the top of the report, be sure to look at the paging controls (see screenshot below). If the button on the right (next page) is available then there is more data.

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After you define these parameters, scroll to the bottom, and click OK to go into the report.

Select Begin Date and Select End Date: This is required and determines what period of time should be reflected in the report. Payments will appear if the payment date falls within this date range.

Select Profiles: This is required and allows you to choose what type of profiles will appear in the report.

  • All Profiles: This will include members and non-members.
  • Members Only: This will only include member profiles.
  • Non-Members: This will only include non-member profiles.

Accounting Package Name Contains: This allows you to include data for a specific accounting package based on the Revenue Item(s) used on the invoice. In your Global Settings (Admin menu), under the Accounting Packages tab, you will see the Accounting Package Name. If you want to focus on data for that package, enter that name in the parameters window.

Otherwise leave this as All to show all data.

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Breakdown of Report

The report is a list of profiles and includes the:

  • Profile Name
  • Profile ID
  • Member Since (join date)
  • Payments for each category and in the selected date range:
    • Dues
    • Non-Dues Recuring
    • Event Sponsorship
    • Event Attendance
    • Other
  • Total payments for all categories

At the bottom is a total of each category and the total of all total payments:

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In the top left corner is a button to print which allows you to export this report to PDF.

Once exported to PDF, you can view and print the PDF.

Also in the top left corner is a button to export to other formats.

The other available formats include:

  • Crystal Reports (RPT)
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Rich Text Format
  • Character Separated Values (CSV)
  • XML

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