Profile Full Involvement Report


This report has eight sections that focus on different areas of a specified profile: membership, contact information, open invoices (by revenue item and age), revenue over the last twelve months, billing records, directory listings, primary relationships, member benefits (quantity and value), and affiliations.

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Running the Report

  1. Click on the Reports menu and Run a Report.
  2. Click to expand the Profile Reports.

  1. Click on Profile Full Involvement.

This will open a window where you define parameters for the report.

After you click OK to run the report, you can refresh the report page at any time to go back to the parameters window, and make changes.

At the top of the report, be sure to look at the paging controls (see screenshot below). If the button on the right (next page) is available then there is more data.

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After you define these parameters, scroll to the bottom, and click OK to go into the report.

Profile ID: Enter the profile ID of the profile that should appear in this report.

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Breakdown of Report

Contact Information

The first section includes:

  • The profile ID, name, and Ind for individual or Org for organization.
  • The membership level and "member since" date.
  • The name of the main contact.
  • The profile's address.
  • The profile's phone numbers, website, and email address.
  • The number of FT (full time) employees and PT (part time) employees.
  • The "sold by" user.

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Open Invoices

The second section is a list of open invoices and includes:

  • Invoice number
  • Due date
  • Revenue item
  • Amount

It also includes the total open amount and breaks it out by age (e.g., 30 days past due).

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Revenue Over Last Twelve Months

The third section is a list of revenue items that 1) have generated/will generate revenue from this profile and 2) have due dates within the past twelve months.

The amount of each revenue item is on the far right with a total at the bottom.

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Active Billing Records

The fourth section is a list of active billing records including:

  • The name of the billing record's revenue item
  • The amount that this billing is bringing in annually
  • The billing cycle (e.g., Weekly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual)
  • The start date (month and day) of the billing record
  • The expiration of the billing record (if defined)
  • The name of the person entered on the Attention line of this billing item

Underneath the amount brought in annually is a total.

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Active Listings

The fifth section shows each directory category that this profile has been assigned.

It also shows the sub-category, description, and if it is a primary listing, print listing, and/or web listing.

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Primary Relationships

The sixth section shows all of the primary relationships including:

  • The profile ID
  • The profile name
  • The title
  • The email address
  • The preferred method of contact

Anyone with a checkmark in the Contact column is marked as a receiver of communication.

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Member Benefit Summary

The seventh section shows a list of benefits including:

  • The name
  • The original quantity available
  • The original value
  • The quantity used
  • The value used
  • The current quantity available
  • The current value available

Below each column, starting with the Quantity column, is a sum of that column.

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The eighth section shows a list of any affiliation codes that are tagging this profile including the affiliation code name, description, and whether or not the code is public (if the affiliation code is not set to Show in Members Only).

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In the top left corner is a button to print which allows you to export this report to PDF.

Once exported to PDF, you can view and print the PDF.

Also in the top left corner is a button to export to other formats.

The other available formats include:

  • Crystal Reports (RPT)
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Rich Text Format
  • Character Separated Values (CSV)
  • XML

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