Reported System Defects/Issues

Below is a list of bugs and/or performance issues that have been reported by customers and may be impacting your workflow. 

Please note that this list may not contain every reported issue in MC Trade. This page is intended to alert users of widespread defects that are likely affecting most users, and streamline troubleshooting for our Help Team. If you are experiencing one of the issues below and would like to report it to our Help team, please open a ticket and you will be notified if/when the problem is resolved. 

To be notified each time fixes are released, please go to the Release Notes section and click "Follow" in the upper right corner. 


High priority issues

  • Intermittent timeouts exporting certain data sets from some search result grids
    • Workaround/resolution: we have been working through several improvements to the SQL database servers, including expanding resources and balancing usage to improve these issues from an architectural standpoint. There have also been updates to the database views and structure to improve performance, and these changes are ongoing. 


Known bugs

  • Non-CC payments appearing as voided/refunded payments in Credit Card Activity
    • Late last year, the Invoice Edit screen starting recording blank credit card activity on non-CC payments, causing them to display in the Credit Card activity report. As of 2/7/ 2024 the data is no longer recording incorrectly, however payments entered prior to 2/7 may still have this blank data and display in the report. 
  • MailChimp sync issues for large volumes
    • For some users, large MailChimp lists or those with multiple tags have experienced issues syncing complete lists and/or unsubscribing users. Continuous updates to the MailChimp integration are underway based on changes to their API/throttling as well as our own infrastructure data limitations. 
  • Some payments being processed without invoices being associated through the Member Portal
    • Incorrect setup or other errors in processing payments is not properly rolling back/voiding processed credit cards when the full process is unable to complete. 
  • Some users are unable to create CopyMe contacts through their email service
    • Through the BCC workflow, our system identifies the user based on the user's email address as well as the profile based on the "to" email on the copied email. While we're seeing approximately a 95% success rate on this email trigger, there are a number of users who are not accepted by the inbox and their contacts are not processing. In these cases we can attempt to identify where the user is blocked, but are not able to resolve this in 100% of all cases. 


Last Updated 3/28/2024

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