Printable Invoice Special Field

MC Trade has the ability to create Merge Fields and Dynamic Links or values (a.k.a. Special Fields) in an email that allow your recipients to receive personalized emails and to be automatically logged in to restricted areas of your website just by clicking the link. One of the Special Fields available in the web browser Send Email tool is a link to a printable invoice.

To use the Printable Invoice special field:

  1. Go to Communication > Send Email (web) to open the web browser version of the Mass Communicator. You cannot use the desktop version if you want to include the Printable Invoice special field.
  2. Enter a subject and message. In the body of the message, place your cursor where you want the download link to be placed. Click the Special Field dropdown in the upper right corner, and choose "Printable Invoice."
  3. On the Profiles tab, click the Select New List dropdown and choose Build New List in Invoice Selector**
  4. Search for invoices using the available search fields, and click Email List. Click here for more details on building searches and options for sending your email. 
  5. Send your email! The Printable Invoice placeholder will be populated with a dynamic link that reads "View Invoice(s)". When clicked, the user will see your custom invoice template in their web browser, with any invoices that were in your search results in step 4 above.

Sample email message with special field link:


What the member sees when they click the link (but with your own custom invoice template, not Anytown) - 



Note that you can use this special field in addition to the Online Bill Pay special field ("Open Invoices Link"), to give users the option to either pay online or simply view/print their invoices. 

**You MUST build your email list with an Invoice search for the dynamic field to populate. If you do not have an invoice search included, the system will not send your email. It is strongly recommended that you ONLY use the invoice search, as adding additional profile searches may result in profiles that do not have any invoices being included. 

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