Viewing Analytics for Specific Messages

One of the features in this article is coming in a future release: resending an email.

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Viewing Message Details and Analytics

To view the analytics for specific messages, click on the Communication menu, and Message Admin.

  1. Message-specific analytics are found under the Sent tab.

  1. Click on the subject of an email to open it. 

  1. You can view the subject and message (Message tab), the from and to information (Profiles tab) which lists all of the recipient profiles and email addresses, and the send options including the sent date and time (Send tab).

You cannot change any of the information for a sent email, but if you resend it (an option under the Analytics tab) then you can make changes to the subject, message, and send options.

There is also a Copy button (top right corner) which allows you to send a new copy of the email which means you can change anything.

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Breakdown of Analytics

Successful Sends: The number of successful messages that were attempted and did not fail out of our Mass Communicator service, that returned with a notification "Email Sent."

Why would it send more than once? If you sent this to 5 recipients, you would want to see 5 successes.

Opens: Based on the list of successfully sent emails, this is the number of emails that were opened and viewed in an email application.

This total will not increase if someone re-opens it, but strictly tracking if it has been opened at least once. You can see how many times someone opened the email by viewing the delivery details.

"Open" rates trigger when an email is opened or viewed in a preview pane without image/link blocking enabled. A generally accepted industry benchmark for successful open rates is around 30%.

Clicks: Based on the list of opened emails, this is the number of emails with a link that was clicked at least once. Link click-throughs are tracked individually and rolled up to a total number of emails that are clicked for this dashboard total.

Failed: The number of emails that could not be sent. This does not necessarily include bounce-backs, depending on the type of bounce, but indicates the messages that could not be delivered.

Several possible reasons for a failure include invalid domains, internet/communication issues, large attachments, and large message sizes.

The Link table includes lists each link in your email with the total number of clicks and a percentage of click-throughs out of the total opened emails. To see who specifically clicked a link, click the magnifying glass next to that link.

If a link was in your message, but does not appear in this table then it was not clicked by any of the recipients (i.e., the table will not show links with a click rate of 0%).

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Viewing Delivery Details

To see emails that were opened, delivered, or failed, click on the View Details button.

In the View Details window, you can see the profile ID and name, the email address, and the delivery status (Result). The last column (Read #) shows the number of times the email was read.

The Read # includes any views (they do not have be unique, so if the recipient re-opens it, the number will increase. It also includes any views when the email is forwarded and viewed by another email address. It does not have to be an email address that was included in the original list.

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Managing Profiles Based on Analytics

Next to the View Details button, is an option to Open Recipients in Profile Selector.

This option allows you to load all or certain recipient profiles into the profile selector to export, tag, or otherwise work with those profiles.

All profiles sent the original email: This loads all profiles that were sent this email.

All profiles who opened the original email: This loads all profiles that did opened this email.

All profiles who did NOT open the original email: This loads all profiles that did not open this email.

All profiles who clicked on a link in the original email: This loads all profiles that did click on a link.

All profiles who did NOT click a link in the original email: This load all profiles that did not click on a link.

You will not be able to add further search criteria.

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