CopyMe is a special feature that allows you to automatically record the emails you send from your email service (Outlook, Gmail, etc) into the "Contacts" section of MC Trade for the profile or related profile that received the email.



First, make sure that each user of CopyMe at your organization has their email address saved in their user profile in MC Trade.  You can update this information in MC Trade under Admin > Manage System Users. Check with your system admin if you need assistance.

Next, configure your preferred CopyMe settings. Go to Admin > Configuration Settings, and select CopyMe Settings from the dropdown list. In the Contact Records section, you'll find two settings: 

If you prefer that the Contact Records always be made on the exact individual profile that matches an email address you've sent to, check the "Create on Individuals" checkbox. If this box is not checked, the system will look to find the organization related to the individual, and record your email on that profile. It is recommended that you check this setting if most of your member profiles are individuals, rather than organizations.

If you have multiple profiles using the same email address, the system can record the contact record to all profiles using the criteria above, rather than just the first one found. If this is not checked, only one contact record will be created per email. 

Finally, you’ll need the CopyMe email address:


Simply blind-copy your CopyMe email address on any sent email from your email provider (Outlook is the example in the screenshot below).  When sending an email to individuals from member or prospect organizations, simply add the email address above to the “Bcc” field in your email client of choice:

For each email address in to “To” field, CopyMe checks your MC Trade database to find if that email address is associated with a profile.  If it is, CopyMe will then either use that profile, OR locate the related organization for that individual, based on the settings above. For that profile(s), it will then create a new contact record, with your sent email content, in the profile for the organization. The Contact Type will always be set to "Auto-Email."

PLEASE NOTE: only emails that are 5MB in size or smaller, including attachments, can be recorded through the CopyMe process. Any emails that have large attachments and/or embedded content (such as large, high-resolution images or videos) that exceeds this 5 MB limit will not have a contact record created. 


What if CopyMe cannot find the email address in the database?

If CopyMe cannot find the email address in the system, it will reply to the sender (the “From” field) with an email as follows:

Subject: Unable to Record Contact for []
Unable to find profile with the email address [].  A Profile record MUST exist with this email address in order for the contact to be found and recorded in MC Trade.  The Following contact was NOT recorded:

It includes the email content for you in the body of the message, so that you can copy it into a content record manually after you resolve the issue with the profile.  If the system is unable to find the email address in your database, there are a few typical reasons:

  1. The individual’s email address has changed;
  2. The organization is now using a different domain for their email;
  3. The individual is new and not in the database.

In these cases, simply add or edit the individual profile and ensure the right organizational relationship, and the next sent emails will be properly recorded.


What if I send the email to multiple people at the same organization?

If you have configured your settings NOT to "Create for all profiles," a contact record would be made on the first profile/related profile found only.


What if an individual is related to multiple organizations?

At present, CopyMe will stop once it finds one organization to which the individual is related. 



Create a Rule in Outlook to Apply CopyMe Address to Emails:

You can set a rule in Outlook to apply the CopyMe address as a BCC on emails so that you won't have to remember to add it each time. You can also set the rule to exclude certain domains, for example, your organization's email domain. Here is an article from Microsoft on creating rules in Outlook:
Creating Outlook Rules



 This feature is included with the following MC Trade packages.


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