Issue Report 9-16-19: Online Member Value (Referral) Report

With the 19.9 software update released on September 16th, an issue has been reported in which the public/online version of the member Value Report is missing the information in the graphic chart displayed on the page. You can see more details on the Value Report here: https://MC Trade-Browser-Interface-Referral-Report

The standard profile Referral Report is not affected by this issue, only the online member version. Note that the special field link from the Mass Communicator [[REFERRALREPORTLINK]] does use the online member version, and if you send any emails using the special field link they will link to the page with the missing graphics. 

We will release a fix for this issue in our next browser update, ideally by the end of this month. Any further updates will be posted on the Help Center. In the meantime if you have further questions or issues, please contact our Help Team. 

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