MC Trade Email Delivery Update

As part of an effort to improve mass email deliverability out of the MC Trade AMS, we are upgrading the email delivery system to SendGrid. The partnership with SendGrid allows us to increase capacity, reliability, and overall deliverability of the emails being sent out from the MC Trade Mass Communicator.

On October 7th, 2019, we will begin routing Mass Communicator messages through the SendGrid. This will not affect the MC Trade application, your workflow, or email content, and no action will need to be taken by the majority of our customers.

If you or your email provider (or your members' email provider) has very strict email protection in place, updates may be required. Specifically if you have provided specific IP addresses to your email provider to safelist, those will need to be updated prior to this change to minimize any issues. The new IP addresses include: (new, 7/2020) (new, 7/2020)

Please note that unless you have previously needed to safelist IP addresses for email deliverability, you do not need to take this step now. Any SPF records referencing the MC Trade mail server (e.g. do NOT need to be changed.

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