Certification Management Reports

There are three standard reports to help you track Certifications in your system. You can see a grid of all Certifications for a profile on the Certifications tab, and you can run a summary for a single profile using reports. In addition, the reports allow you to see Certifications about to expire, as well as a listing of all Certifications by type. You can find these reports under Reports > Profile Reports > Certifications.

Certifications for Profile

This report runs for a single Profile, and will prompt your for a Profile ID. It returns all Certifications entered for the profile, including current, renewed, and expired. The report is grouped by the certification activity, showing all initial certifications together and all certification renewals together. Each group is sorted by expiration date, in descending order.



Active Certifications

This report will display all active (not expired) Certifications based on a date of your choosing. You will be prompted to enter an 'As Of' date when you run the report. All certifications with an expiration date later than the date you enter will be displayed. You can also choose to display Certifications of any type, or you can manually type in a specific Certification Type that you would like to view.

All Certification activity (initial and renewed certifications) that are active as of the date you entered will be displayed in list format. The Profile ID, Profile Name, Related Organization (if applicable), and all Certification information will be displayed. This report is formatted for easy export into Excel (click the Export icon in the far upper left corner and choose Excel as the file type).



Certifications Expiring by Date

This report displays all Certifications with an Expiration Date that falls within a date range that you select. You can run this report for any date range - either to see Certifications set to expire in the future, or to see Certifications that expired in a past time frame. Enter the beginning and end date for the range of Expiration dates. 

Results are grouped by Certification Type, and display the Profile ID, Name, and Certification information for all Certification activity.


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