QuickBooks Online Integration: Re-authorization Required 1/22/2020

Intuit is making changes to the way existing connections are authorized through third party apps such as MC Trade. This will affect the MC Trade QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration, and we have updated MC Trade based on Intuit's new requirements. 

While this change does not affect your daily posting process or functionality, it will require you to log in again to re-authenticate to QBO after you have downloaded the 20.2 MC Trade release, which is being deployed between January 22nd and January 27th. After getting this update, you'll see the following prompt when you attempt to update Revenue Items or Account codes, edit your Accounting Package, or Post Transactions:


Click OK, which will launch the QBO login window, with a place to enter your username and password. Sign in with your QBO credentials, and if you have multiple companies, select the correct company from the dropdown and click Next. 

That's it! You're reconnected to your QBO account, and you can continue to post transactions, import accounts, and configure revenue codes as usual. 

NOTE: this only applies to QuickBooks ONLINE accounting packages, which is completely separate from the QuickBooks desktop integration. If you are integrated with QB Desktop, no action needs to be taken and there will be no disruption in service. 

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