About Membership Level Management

Membership Level Management allows you to track different levels and tiers within your membership, and automatically update certain data based on the level in which a member is placed. This module is built to help you manage your tiered dues structures, standard membership types/categories, and even basic membership with configuration options that save you time and manual data entry.


Create Membership Levels


Levels are created under Admin > Set Preferences > Membership Level Management (you must have a user role that allows access to Set Preferences as well as Manage Member Codes). You can add one or more levels by clicking Add a Level, where you will name the level and then configure the four different sections of profile data:




  • Profile Info: determine whether you want to set a standard Profile Status for all members in this level
  • Billing: add one or more billing records that will be created for all members in this level. You can select a specific revenue item, set an amount (or leave the amount blank), or choose an existing Automatic Revenue Calculation formula
  • Affiliation Codes: select Affiliation codes that will be added to any members in this level. Note that these will also be removed if the member is removed from a level
  • Listings: choose whether to override Listing Level Type and Detail Listing Level Type, as well as Position of Listing, for members in this level


If you edit and save changes to any of these settings after the level is initially created, you will be asked if you would like to update the data in all of the profiles that are already assigned to that level. You also have the option of saving the changes without propagating to members in the level. Click here to learn more about setting up your Membership Levels.


Auto-Assign Formula


If your Membership Levels are assigned based on specific profile data, such as number of employees, number of customers, annual revenue, or status, you can use a SQL formula to automatically assign levels to your members. The formula will tell the system in which level to place a profile based on that data. You can run the Auto-Assign process at any time to update all profiles that meet the criteria of the formula. Click here to learn more.




If your levels are selected by the member, or are not based on any set/static data, you should not use the Auto-Assign Formula, and instead assign profiles manually or in mass (see below).


Assign Profiles to Membership Levels


Once your levels have been created, you can set any member profile's level in the Member tab of the Profile Browser. When you set or change the member's level and save the profile, you will be prompted to update the profile according to your configuration settings. You will also see the level of that member displayed at the top of the Profile Browser.


To set or change membership levels for multiple profiles at once, go to Profiles > Select Profiles and run a search. With the members you want to assign selected, right-click and choose Assign Selected Members to Membership Level. Select the level, and click Save. Click here to learn more about manually assigning membership levels.




The profiles will be updated based on the configuration settings for that level. 

  • Profile Status: this will be changed to the status assigned to the level, if any
  • Billings: any billing records configured for the level will be created for the profile. If the profile already had a billing record from a different level, it will be inactivated. Click here to learn more about how Billing Records are updated based on your settings.
  • Affiliation Codes: all affiliation codes for the level will be added. If the profile had been assigned to a different level previously, affiliation codes from that level will be removed.
  • Listings: any existing category listing records will be updated to have the Level Type and Detail Level Type configured for the level.



This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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