Constant Contact Integration Deprecation


The MC Trade desktop application has had a Constant Contact list upload feature available in the Mass Communicator since 2010. It has been brought to our attention that the Constant Contact API on which this integration was built has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Unfortunately, this means the existing list upload tool in the MC Trade desktop is no longer functional. 

We are still evaluating whether we will be building a new Constant Contact integration in the browser version of MC Trade using their new API, but there is not a timeline on this project at this time.

If you are a Constant Contact user, you can use the Data Export/Reporting Tool to build a custom export that contains the email addresses and columns you need to easily import your lists from MC Trade into Constant Contact. You can find more details on how to format this import file here:

For several basic lists of members and other profile groups, visit our library of pre-built queries you can either use as-is or customize based on what information you'd like to send to Constant Contact: https://MC These queries are exported directly to CSV, a compatible file type for the import as outlined in the link above.

If you need assistance creating your data export to upload to Constant Contact, please contact our Help team. 

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