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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If I set the form up to "Not Create a profile", can I create a profile after the submission is recorded?
A. On the General and Donation form, you can configure the form to either Create a Profile or Not Create a Profile (When logging into the form is Optional).


If you choose Do Not Create A Profile by default, you can still create a profile post submission from "View Submissions" and then clicking on "Create Profile" from the Actions menu.


Q. Can I configure the form to automatically assign affiliation codes to every submission?
A. You can configure the form settings to automatically assign one or multiple affiliations to profiles that have been created upon submission.


Q. How do I create/copy a Form?
A. Go to Communications>>Form Builder and you should see a "Create a New Form" button to the top right. You can then pick from the list, which will load a template relevant to the form you select and you can edit it to create a new one. 


To copy an existing form, simply click on "Actions" and select "Copy", and you'll be able to rename the new form.



Q. Can I have the user enter a custom amount (example: donations)
A. You can create a Form Element as a Purchase Item on the form and can either set a price for it or accept custom amounts from the submitter, by checking the box "Allow submitter to enter a custom amount".
Note: Each purchase item you create can have a unique revenue item, and will be a separate line item on the invoice.


Q. Can I configure the form to automatically calculate based on a complex pricing calculation we use for Dues?
A. Yes. Both Membership Levels and Purchase Items allow you to use Pricing Calculations that can be created under Revenue > Pricing Calculations in your database. If using Membership Levels, the Pricing Calculation must be connected to each applicable member level. For Purchase Items, once you select to add a Purchase Item to a form, you can check the box "Use Pricing Calculation" and then select the Pricing Calculation you'd like to use.



Q. Can we setup a form to allow profiles to subscribe to Automatic Recurring Billing? 
A. Yes. IF you have Automatic Recurring Billing configured in your gateway, you can allow the profile to opt in to renew automatically. On Form settings, you would have to check the box "Allow Credit Card Option" payments on the form.

  • You will then have to check the box "Allow Member to subscribe to ARB"
  • Enter an "ARB Text Label"
  • Check the box "Create invoice and charge card on submission". This will charge the card an amount setup on the purchase item and create a recurring billing based on the billing cycle you setup. If you do not check this box, it will not charge the card and will simply create a billing record for you to generate on their next billing cycle.


Note: Once enrolled in ARB, you cannot update the billing record. If the amount needs to be changed in the future, you would need to reconfigure the ARB setup for that member in a new billing record.


Q. What does the "Deactivate" button on the form do?
A. Deactivating a form does two things:

  • The link to the form would no longer accept submissions and it would show a message stating the same when someone tries to get to the form after deactivation 
  • The Deactivated forms will not show on the forms list so as to keep the list clean and current. You can view the inactive forms by checking the box "Show Inactive Forms" on the Form Lists Page (Communication>>Form Builder)



Q. Can we use the form to display profile information and have it update a profile based on their selections/deletions?
A. Yes. If the form is setup to require login, any profile information that's edited on the form will update the profile upon submission.

NOTE: The Profile Update Form in Members Only should be used for members updating their profile information. Forms is not a replacement for the Profile Update Form, but if you want to confirm data as part of a renewal/donation form, you can display data from a member's profile as long as they have logged in to complete the form.


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