Misc Settings for Web Components

These are miscellaneous settings for certain web components.

  1. Click on the Admin menu and then Global Settings.
  2. Click on the Web Preferences tab and then Misc Settings.

  1. After making changes to the settings described below, click Save (at the top).

Require approval for coupons: Place a check next to this if you want all submitted coupons to require approval before they appear in your directory or Coupon List page.

Coupon Module Label: This allows you to rename the title of your coupon list. 

Directory Email Footer: This allows you to customize the footer of emails that are sent to someone when they fill out the contact form on the directory details page.

Front Desk Default Inquirer Text: With the Front Desk Referral System, you can select one or more companies and then send referral information for those companies to an inquirer via email. This allows you to customize the body of that email.

Front Desk Default Member Email Text: After sending referral information for one or more companies to an inquirer, another email will go to each of the companies to notify them of this referral and potential customer. This allows you to customize the body of that email.

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