Entity Domain Management

If you manage multiple domains (or subdomains) for your organizations that are tied to MC Trade web component pages like the directory and event registration, you can configure those to link to Entities you manage in the system as well as specific Setting Batches in the Domain Management screen. 

  1. Go to Admin > Global Settings, and click Domain Management on the left. 
  2. Any existing managed domains will be listed in the grid. You can click Edit in the Actions menu to view/edit the details on existing domains, or click Add an Entity Domain to create a new one. 
  3. Enter the exact domain name. You do not need to include the protocol (https://). 
  4. Select whether you are configuring this to be a Virtual Root or a Domain Redirect. If you are setting this up in order to tie the domain to a specific Entity and/or Setting Batch, choose Virtual Root. 
  5. If you use legacy web component pages, set the path to the virtual root folder (e.g. external/wcpages_entity). This is not required for any newer web components. 
  6. Select the Entity from the dropdown. You need to choose EITHER an Entity, or enter text the next field (or both)
  7. Enter the Setting Batch name from your configuration settings to tie to this domain. The setting batch should have a leading and trailing slash (eg. /ypnetwork/) to properly form the URLs in your web components. 
  8. Click Save. 

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