How to send an email from the event registration menu

Issue: How do you send an email from the event registration menu?

1. Go to the Registration menu. 
2. From the Select Action... drop-down choose Email Selected Registrations.

3. Click the blue box with the white arrow and circle on the right of the drop-down.

4. The next screen will be the list of your registrants.  You can pick which ones you want to email by clicking the box next to them or you can click Select All.  Once you have made the chose, click Execute.

5. The next screen that will appear is your email screen.

6. Sender Email.  This will default by your login.  You can change this by typing in this box.
7. Sender Name.  This will default by your login.  You can change this by typing in this box.
8  Recipient list.  
9. The bottom section is where you can create the email.  

10. Subject.  The subject the message.
11. Message.  This WYSIWYG tool allows you to create the email.  You can use images, templates and links just like in the mass communicator. 
12.  There is one important note:  Dynamic database fields (e.g. First Name, Open Invoice Link, etc.) and Attachments can NOT be used in the browser at this time. To send an email using dynamic fields or including attachments, please go to Communications > Mass Communicator in the Desktop version.  There you can use the Events filter in the Profile Selector.
13. Send message.
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